Healing Properties of Amber

We know Amber is the fossilized resin from prehistoric trees, dating as far back as 50 million years ago. In nature, the resin would have been used by the tree, itself, as a natural antibiotic or preservation from infection or injury. Worn for centuries as a natural remedy for pain relief, Amber was used to promote fast healing and to boost the body's own immune system. Amber has been at the center of many scientific studies which clearly indicate that its therapeutic properties are very significant.

Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind and spirit. It also cleanses the environment. Amber draws disease from the body, healing and renewing the nervous system and balancing the right and left parts of the brain. It absorbs pain and negative energy, helping to alleviate stress. Amber clears depression, stimulates the intellect and promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression. It encourages decision-making, spontaneity and brings wisdom, balance and patience.

Amber opens the throat centre, treating goiters and other throat problems. It also treats stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder. Amber strengthens the mucus membranes and alleviates joint problems.

For babies and toddlers, the Amber teething necklaces...
• boost the immune system
• reduce inflammation (especially in the gums)
• accelerate the natural healing process
• alleviate teething pain
• provide calming effects without the use of drugs
• act as a natural energizer
• serve as a natural pain killer (reduce or eliminate pain associated with teething, headaches, joint stiffness, etc.)
• have been known to treat discomfort linked to throat, ear and stomach irritations, as well as fevers and colds.

Currently, there are two different thoughts as to why wearing Amber on the skin can have soothing and calming effects on both adults and teething children. One thought suggests that when Amber is worn on the skin, the skin's warmth releases miniscule amounts of healing oils from Amber which are then absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. The other theory is based on scientific findings, which have shown that Amber is electromagnetically alive and produces significant amounts of organic, purely natural energy.

Amber is used in new age philosophies as a way to heal eyes and gland swelling in the throat and lungs. It is said to also have the properties of balancing out your endocrine network and digestive tract.

Amber was also given magical powers in ancient and medieval times. For instance, Amber is associated with good luck and the cycle of life. Amber is considered good for longevity, it is also said to make the person wearing Amber more electric or magnetic, ultimately more attractive.

It is also said that Amber protected one against rheumatism and gout, as well as a snake bite. Many newborns were given Amber to wear as infants, in order to guard themt from evil forces witches, the devil and witchcraft.

Baltic Amber contains anywhere from 3-8% of succinic acid, a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine. The highest content of the acid is found in the Amber cortex, the external layer of the stone. Nobel-prize winner Robert Koch (1886), the pioneer of modern bacteriology, proved that succinic acid has a very positive influence on the human body. In the 1930's and 40's, European biochemists discovered that succinic acid is an amino acid created naturally in every cell of the body capable of aerobic respiration, participating in the citric acid, or Krebs cycle. This is how carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are metabolized into energy.

Wearing Amber may also protect us against the negative influences of electrical equipment like computers, televisions, mobile phones and microwave ovens. An even more amazing fact about amber is the chemical properties of the resin, when formed, act as a natural embalming agent with both drying and anti-microbial properties. Ancient Egyptians actually used pine resin as an embalming agent, and doctors in the War, lacking anything else, would sometimes slap tree resin on a wound as a disinfectant and saved lives that way.

The Amber solution is not new to mothers and others who look for natural healing. Amber products are sold in local pharmacies in many European countries including Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, where Amber has been respected for its medicinal qualities for centuries.