My introduction to Amber...

It was the month of September, 2013 that I decided to visit the Hong Kong jewellery show. I had been to the Hong Kong jewellery show earlier too but this time I visited to meet some companies from Italy who were interested in expanding their business in India and countries around India. I was also meeting my good friend Zbigniew Kwiatkowski from Warsaw, who has been actively working with the jewelers in Poland and jewellery council in India.

At the show, Zbig was assisting and consultant to an Amber jewellery company from Poland and that’s where my first introduction with Amber happened. I was mesmerized seeing the Amber on display and the different hues of brown, orange and yellow added to the mystery of this wonderful creation of nature.

Talking to the jewellery companies, I got my first lessons in learning about Amber. Understanding how Amber was really formed 30-40 million years ago and looking at the insects trapped in the Amber only made my eyes go wider with awe. Millions of years ago, where today is the Baltic Sea, there were forests with Pine trees with natural resin oozing out from the trunks and trapping forever insects, plants and fauna in the process.

With my imagination going ballistic, I simply fell in love with Amber. Upon my return to India, I soon discovered that not many people knew about Amber in India. The look of surprise and disbelief on their face when I would show them Amber pieces and tell them the history of Amber was enough for me to decide that I want to introduce Amber in India.

I soon started writing to various companies and Amber councils in Poland expressing my ideas and plan of action for the Indian market. The response I received was quite encouraging. With able support and guidance from Zbigniew, I travelled to Poland in March 2015 to visit the largest Amber show- Amberif 2015. The grand hospitality of Zbigniew made my 12 day stay in Poland memorable. We together travelled to Gdansk, Krakow and Sokolka.

At Amberif 2015, I had many meetings with owners of Amber companies and was greeted with only optimism of entering India with Amber products. Zbigniew with his contacts worked well and so was his translation whenever it was required.

The idea of creating India’s first website on Amber came when I was in Gdansk and was created sitting in my hotel room overlooking the Baltic Sea.

Poland is a very beautiful country and the Polish one of the friendliest people I met in my many travels all over the world.

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