While visiting Amberif 2015 in Gdansk, I got an idea to create India first website on Amber. After dinner that evening sitting in my hotel room, I started toying with different names for the website. It was not an easy task as I soon realized that Amber is a very common name in India. Amber pronounced in Hindi as ‘Umbar’ which means sky and is spelt as Amber. Also, one of the famous forts in Amer, Rajasthan is spelt as Amber.

After a lot of brain storming, I liked AmberDia (and of course, beggars can’t be choosers….). The Dia stands for diamonds and also the last three letters of India. So, it was settled and decided and I simply loved the name will be the one stop website for information of Amber. Soon we will have regular inputs of Amber and availability of genuine Amber products in India. Certificates from the Amber council proclaiming the genuinity will be one of the hallmarks.

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