AMBER TRIP- International Baltic Jewellery Show, Vilnius, Lithuania. 9-12 March, 2016.

International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip is supreme event in the Baltic Region, intended to jewellery industries and art.
The first main - is helping amber become even more popular worldwide; the second to unite the jewellery businessmen of the Baltic Region; the third to build jewellery bridges between the Eastern and Western Europe.
Our participants and visitors already are from Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, India and the others country. It must be noted that the XI th exhibition of such nature in Lithuania was extremely successful and its verifiable interest and meaning in the internationally jewellery. The exhibition is well-known worldwide and it is marked in all jewellery calendars.
Event annually is in patronage of Vilnius city municipality. It is a great evaluation of the exhibition.
Amber Trip is a major specialised jewellery exhibition in the Baltic Sea Region. The very name of the exhibition highlights the significance of the northern gold, i.e. amber, one of the most beautiful and mysterious stones in the world. Articles from solidified sun drops are making up 50 percent of the jewellery articles presented during the exhibition. The other half of the articles - gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, pearls and etc. So, the XIII International Baltic Jewellery Show Amber Trip 2016 will be significant event too and we kindly invite you to participate in the Show!!!
Amber Trip was proud to present you international jewellery art contest 5D during the XI th edition. Our goal was to present the best of what Jewellery art can offer. The aim of the competition was to present and promote the most interesting achievements of the contemporary art of jewellery and to encourage artists to use jewellery as a mode of expression.
Amber Trip not only commercial event. Here will be educative program jewellery specialists give a lecture about amber, diamond, jewellery business situation in the different countries.
We look forward to seeing you at XIII International Baltic Jewellery Show "Amber Trip" 2016, 9-12 th of March and we assure you our support and assistance!

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