Amber pavillion and companies at the India International Jewellery show, Mumbai, August , 2018

The recently concluded International India Jewellery Show (IIJS) which was held in Mumbai, saw the maiden foray of Poland at this august event. The fantastic support from The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) made this a reality with three Amber companies also exhibiting at the IIJS. Finally, efforts have started bearing fruit and this, although a small step, but can be a major game changer for the Amber industry. India is one of the largest consumers/producers of Precious and Semi Precious Jewellery.

The awareness of Amber is near zero in India and a huge effort is required to make this wonderful gem popular. This can only happen with sustained marketing efforts and publicity. Amber has such a rich colour that it can be blended with many types of jewellery. The target audience and the way its promoted needs have a very carefully thought. Not only jewellery, Amber can also be used in the fashion of clothes.

AmberDia will continue to promote and educate consumers in India about Baltic Amber.

Finally, a big thank you to PAIH and the wonderful people like Maja, Ada & Marciek for taking this step which I can see is just the beginning of much bigger times for Amber in India.

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